Through engaging conversations, Inside The Crease will look into the powerhockey world in an innovative way. We’ll be chatting with players, coaches, volunteers, and others involved in the sport to learn about how they became involved, their successes, and their future goals. Digging a little deeper, we’ll discover exactly who they are as individuals and what makes them tick on and off the floor. We want to break down the barriers and dispel the stereotypes associated with having a disability, changing perspectives while showcasing each individual’s story.


Inside The Crease is hosted by Matt Vocino. Being a powerhockey player himself, he’s able to connect with each guest on a different level, sharing their mutual passion and common experiences. As a person who has Muscular Dystrophy, Matt is able to relate to the lives and challenges his fellow community members face both on and off the floor. Coupling his love for hockey and his ability to connect with others enables Matt to deliver an engaging and honest conversation that captures his guests’ truest personalities. At the age of 23, Matt has a degree in Sports Media from Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario and is currently pursuing a law degree at York University’s Osgoode Hall. Matt has a definite passion for sports, music, and good food.

Photo of Matt Vocino


PowerHockey Canada is a national parasport organization that is focused on the growth and development of powerhockey nationwide. Established in 2018, PowerHockey Canada is recognized as a Registered Canadian Amateur Athletic Association. Through this designation it works to achieve its goals and objectives of developing, funding, promoting, and operating powerhockey activities, programs and facilities for the purposes of governing, advancing and promoting the sport in Canada.